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Assistive Technology NZ Ltd was started to help schools develop interactive whiteboards by using affordable devices and open source programs.

Many schools, due to budget constraint, cannot afford to purchase expensive interactive boards. Consequently the students and teachers are missing out on this fantastic technology.

The company believes that education should be “fun” (for both the students and teachers). An interactive whiteboard can most certainly help to facilitate this. Consider the possibilities when the board is connected to the internet or is used to show a science TV program.

Schools that already have interactive projectors, can easily setup their interactive board by using the “DIY” kit that we supply.

But if you do not have a projector but wish to have one, get in touch and we will help you to purchase and install one.

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Why be held to ransom by having to pay big dollars for interactive whiteboards?

If you already have interactive projectors, you can easily make all your plain board interactive with a “DIY” kit for a little as $390 + gst..

How can we do it? Is it require simple?

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FAQs: Can the system work on any board? Can I write on the board and save it on my computer? How many "DIY" interactive kits do I need with 3 classrooms?

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To order your "DIY" interacitve package, Please click on the "ASK FOR A QUOTE" button on the left or contact below:

Assistive Technology NZ Ltd
PO Box 19048
Courtney Place
Phone: 04 589 6880
Mob: 021 739 168

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